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At The Lake

Celebrating Arcadia’s Local Businesses by the Water’s Edge

Step into the enchanting realm of the lakes, where the essence of local businesses and the serene beauty of water’s embrace converge. Our platform, At The Lake, has undergone a remarkable transformation, commemorating the birth of Arcadia—a union that brings together the captivating areas of Cambridge-Narrows, Gagetown, and the surrounding local service districts of Hampstead, Upper Gagetown, Cambridge, and Waterborough.

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Explore the heart of Arcadia with our local Community and Business Directory. This directory is your gateway to discovering the vibrant tapestry of businesses, attractions, and community services that make Arcadia truly exceptional. Whether you’re looking for local businesses to support or seeking information about our community, this directory is your key to unlocking Arcadia’s treasures. Dive in and start exploring!

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“At The Lake” invites you to explore the unique blend of nature’s wonders and local entrepreneurship, now under the banner of Arcadia. Whether you’re seeking adventure or solace, this diverse region has something extraordinary to offer.

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