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Elevate Your Business with “At The Lake”

Welcome to “At The Lake,” your digital haven for empowering local businesses, exploring the beauty of our community, and connecting with a vibrant network of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. I’m excited to unveil the diverse range of offerings designed to boost your business’s presence, narrate your unique story, and pay tribute to the essence of Arcadia.

What I Offer:

  1. Free Business Listings: I’m a firm believer in supporting and spotlighting the local businesses that breathe life into our community. That’s why I extend the privilege of free business listings on this platform. Whether you’re a charming boutique, a cozy bed-and-breakfast, an adventurous tour operator, or any other local enterprise, I’m eager to introduce your offerings to our engaged audience.
  2. Facebook Page Sharing: To expand the reach of your business, every listing featured on “At The Lake” also enjoys a presence on our vibrant Facebook page. This means your business garners exposure to a broader audience, including potential customers eager to uncover local gems.
  3. Website Design and Hosting ($): Your digital presence matters. “At The Lake” collaborates with Grand Lake Websites to offer comprehensive website design services, whether you’re establishing your business online or revamping your existing website. I provide a user-friendly experience, ensuring your business stands out in the digital landscape. Additionally, I offer reliable website hosting packages designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring your online presence remains smooth and accessible.
  4. Business Card Design and Printing ($): Impress your customers with professionally designed business cards. “At The Lake” and Grand Lake Websites provide design and printing services at discounted rates exclusively to businesses listed on our platform, helping you make a memorable impression.
  5. Featured Blog Article: I’m more than a listing platform; for businesses seeking to narrate their journey, showcase their distinctive offerings, and stand out from the crowd, I offer the opportunity to have a dedicated blog article crafted about their enterprise. My approach is immersive: I’ll visit your establishment, engage in meaningful conversations, capture the essence through photography, and construct an engaging blog post that introduces your business to the world.

How to List Your Business:

Listing your business with me is a breeze, and I offer you two convenient options:

Option 1: Self-Service Listing

  1. Click on the “Add Listing” link on our website.
  2. Fill in the requested information about your business, including its name, description, location, services/products offered, and any special features that set it apart.
  3. Review the information for accuracy.
  4. Click “Submit” to send your business details to us.
  5. Our team will swiftly review the information and ensure everything looks fantastic.
  6. Once approved, your business will come to life on our platform, ready for the world to discover!

Option 2: Contact Me Directly

  1. Reach out and contact me.
  2. Let me know of your interest in featuring your business on “At The Lake.”
  3. Share your business details with me, either over the phone or through email.
  4. Sit back, relax, and let me take it from there, ensuring that your business receives the spotlight it deserves on our platform.
  5. Once approved, your business will be live on my website, poised to connect with our vibrant community!

    Join Me on this Journey

    “At The Lake” is more than a platform—it’s a celebration of local entrepreneurship, community spirit, and the beauty of Arcadia. I’m here to empower your business, ensuring it receives the attention it deserves. Whether you’re seeking a free business listing, expanded social media exposure, website design and hosting, the unique allure of a dedicated blog article, or captivating business card design, we invite you to explore the possibilities with me.

    Connect with “At The Lake” and become a part of an ever-growing community. Your story holds significance, and I’m thrilled to be the one to tell it.

    Contact me today to embark on this thrilling journey of discovery, connection, and celebration. Your community awaits, and so do countless opportunities to shine.