Whites Cove

Whites Cove

Grand Lake’s Tranquil Haven

Nestled on the eastern shores of Grand Lake in New Brunswick, Whites Cove is a hidden gem that invites visitors to bask in its unspoiled natural beauty. This picturesque lakeside community offers a unique blend of serenity, outdoor adventures, and a deep connection to the pristine waters of Grand Lake.

Grand Lake’s Serenity

Whites Cove is situated in an idyllic location on the tranquil eastern shores of Grand Lake, one of Eastern Canada’s largest and most pristine lakes. Surrounded by lush, forested landscapes, Grand Lake serves as a sanctuary for those in search of tranquility and a genuine connection to nature. The stunning views of the lake and its serene surroundings create the perfect setting for relaxation and outdoor exploration.

Outdoor Adventures

Whites Cove is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Grand Lake offers a wide range of activities, including boating, kayaking, fishing, and swimming. Anglers will find ample opportunities to reel in various fish species, such as smallmouth bass. The nearby forests and trails are ideal for hiking, birdwatching, and observing wildlife, making Whites Cove an excellent destination for nature lovers.

A Tranquil Getaway

Whites Cove is an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful escape. The absence of large crowds and commercialized attractions provides an authentic experience. The soothing sounds of nature and the gentle lapping of lake waters create a calming atmosphere, making it the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate.

A Part of Arcadia

Whites Cove is an integral part of the larger Arcadia community, which unites Cambridge-Narrows, Gagetown, and the local service districts of Hampstead, Upper Gagetown, Cambridge, and Waterborough. This collaboration showcases the strength of diverse identities and shared aspirations, all working together to create a brighter future.

Local Businesses

While Whites Cove exudes tranquility, it is not without its local businesses that enhance the village’s unique charm. From cozy vacation rentals (Sweetwater Cottage Rental) with stunning lakefront views to artisanal shop, Orchard Designs, each business has a story to share and adds to the authentic experience of Whites Cove.

Plan Your Visit

Whites Cove invites you to experience the beauty of Grand Lake, to connect with nature, and to explore a world of maritime heritage. Whether you’re a traveller in search of lakeside tranquility or a local looking to discover the hidden gems of your community, Whites Cove offers an unforgettable experience.

Embrace Grand Lake’s Beauty

Whites Cove isn’t just a location on the map; it’s an invitation to discover the serene beauty of New Brunswick’s Grand Lake. As part of the Arcadia community, it embodies the unity of nature, history, and community spirit. Come and explore Whites Cove, where the pristine waters of Grand Lake create enduring memories.

Whites Cove Listings

Orchard Designs
5486 New Brunswick 105, Whites Cove, New Brunswick E4C 3V6
Grand Lake Websites
5486 New Brunswick 105, Whites Cove, New Brunswick E4C 3V6
Sweetwater Cottage
62 Green Acres Drive, Jemseg, New Brunswick E4C 3Y4

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The Tilley House
69 Front Street, Gagetown, New Brunswick E5M 1A4

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